Hand Made in Italy

The company was founded at the end of the '40s by Filippo Attivissimo, proficient in the production of decoration with the marquetry and tiles tecnique, in "Graniglia, Pastina, Cementina".

A few years later the company expanded, thanks to the collaboration of Filippo's son Lorenzo, that takes care of the commercial part.

In 1997, the company, was reorganized with the arrival of Teresa and Michele; the new machinery, studied and planned by the business team, have allowed the creation of monolithic tiles with superior quality techniques, obtaining a more compact material and reducing in a meaningful way the porosity, and also the thickness has been reduced and it fits well with the restructuring and the new constructions. Regardless of the innovation, the realization of the decoration is completely manual, next to the traditional and classic Liberty, we also have the innovative Collection of the Atelier Attivissimo. The tiles can be polished even after the setup, with the effect of a single plate floor.

During the years, the Company realized that it's not enough to provide the mere product anymore, it's necessary to offer the whole package filled with consultancy and service and, it provides for the client its own experience and professionalism in all the phases of the building site.

The restoration laboratory, inside the company, allowed us to collaborate with various Superintendences for the recover of the pavement of historical buildings.

In 2010, the company proposed the first furnishing complements destined to a wanted spaces and researched gardens.

The collaboration among the different talents allows to enjoy the benefits, in terms of innovation and creativity.

The company attempts the environment, and it puts a lot of attention both to the productive process and the selection of the primal and selected raw materials, that promptly are analized in the lab inside the Company. The whole production is addressed also to the Bio-Architecture and Bio-Construction.

The quality and excellence are since the beginning, the principles that lead the enterprise that aims at projecting this engagement in the daily work, in order to guarantee a product of value, that goes beyond fashion and time, aiming at the great satisfaction of the client.