An idea... a project... making each place unique, every object that surrounds us, creating with our hands and with the heart in the continuous research of the essence, building day after day, year after year our identity and maintaining our uniqueness.


The history of the company began at the end of the forties by Filippo Attivissimo, famous for the audacity of his style, for the continuous research and for the inclination to color in harmony with the styles of the time. Even today in many historic buildings there are old floors made in the past by the company that exceed times and fashions.


The special “savoir faire” has not changed over time, from the research of the detail to the realization of special and customized projects, even in a single sample, aimed to last forever and beyond mode.


Lover of beauty, in every form, within our "world" can be found different artistic expressions: from floors to coatings in cement, pasta, grit, plates, objects, design accessories up to customized projects.


Our products are entirely made in Italy, in the Atelier of Attivissimo, in Matera. The Capital European Culture of 2019, among the rolling hills of the region of Basilicata at the border with Puglia. The view breathtaking and the colorful sunsets that nature gives it every day, transforming the windows into paintings, they are a source of inspiration for the continuous search for color and its infinite nuances, looking for the perfection of nature in the technique learned from our ancestors. Each decorated tile is a unique piece, which comes from the hands of the craftsman, punctual to repeat the same sequences of endless processing. Each product is made of natural and selected materials: marble, onyx, quartz and cement.