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Made in Italy quality and excellence

With our know-how, combining technique and skilled craftsmanship, we actively seek new interpretations of materials, overcoming traditional thinking.

Attivissimo was founded in the forties by Filippo Attivissimo, skilled in the decoration's production with the technique of inlay and tiles in Graniglia, Pastina, and Cementina. A few years later, the Company expanded, thanks to the collaboration of his son Lorenzo who takes care of the business. In 1997, with the arrival of the 3rd generation, Attivissimo was restructured. The new plants, designed by the company staff, have allowed the construction of monolithic tiles with superior technical qualities, obtaining a more compact material and substantially reducing porosity.
Even the thickness has been reduced and is well suited for renovations and new buildings. Despite the innovation, the realization of the decoration is manual, the traditional and classic style Liberty has been joined by the innovative Attivissimo Collection, rich in classical and contemporary decorations.

Through the years, Attivissimo realizes that it is no longer enough to provide the mere product, but it is necessary to offer a complete package of advice and services. For this reason, the Company makes available to the customer its experience and professionalism at all stages of the construction site. In addition, the restoration laboratory within the Company has allowed it to collaborate with the various Superintendents for the recovery of flooring of historic buildings.
Attivissimo, attentive to the environment, pays particular attention both to the production process and to the choice of natural raw materials, which are analyzed in the laboratory within the Company. All the production is also aimed at Bio architecture and Green Building.

We are constantly changing and looking for inspiration everywhere. For us design is the perfect combination of beauty and utility.



An idea, a project, making each place unique, every object that surrounds us, creating with our hands and heart, in the continuous search for the essence, building day after day, year after year, our identity and maintaining our uniqueness.


The exceptional savoir faire has remained unchanged over time, from the search for detail to the realization of special and customized projects, even in a single example, aimed at remaining in time and beyond fashions.


Lovers of beauty, in all its forms, within our "world" you can find different artistic expressions: from the floors to the cementina, pastina and graniglia wall tiles, from the slabs to the objects, from the furnishing accessories up to custom projects.


Our products are entirely made in Italy, in the Atelier Attivissimo, in Matera among the rolling hills of Lucania, including the border with Puglia. Each decorated tile is a unique piece, made with natural and selected materials.



We focus on the production entirely located in Italy, in our production plant in Matera, starting from the floors and the coverings, up to the elements for the bathroom and kitchen furniture and furnishings.
With our know-how, combining technique and skilled craftsmanship, we actively seek new interpretations of Graniglia, Pastina, and Cementina, surpassing traditional thinking. This is why we have always encouraged collaborations with architects, designers, and builders.