Graniglia, Pastina and Cementina

Graniglia, as well as Cementina and Pastina, has ancient roots, and over the decades we have constantly perfected our recipes to obtain more performing materials, which adapt to the most demanding requirements.
To meet all the needs and desires of our customers, we are among the very few companies to produce:

• the Graniglia, the so-called Terrazzo, is a perfect mix of history and innovation, the result of a mixture of materials of natural origin: marble, white cement with high resistance, natural oxides, and water. All this makes this material suitable for bioarchitecture;
• the Cementina, typical for its satin finish and which we use not only for the production of the classically decorated tiles but also in slabs, for special pieces such as sinks and kitchen and bathroom tops;
• the Pastina, a material visually more homogeneous than the Graniglia, similar in appearance to the Cementina but unlike the latter, it is possible to have it in different finishes: polished, satin, antiqued, or to finish after laying. We’re the only ones who produce this particular type of material.

In addition to the 350 colors in our archive, we can replicate any color or texture on request.

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Graniglia – Monolayer tiles, slabs and special pieces for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings

The Graniglia is synonymous with history, charm, and elegance, a material that over the decades, has been able to bring with simplicity and versatility a timeless taste in every place. A product, originally born from the recycling of waste from the processing of terracotta, marble, and stone, bound with cement and natural pigments and mixed with water, but able to dress the floors of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Today, thanks to research and technological advancement, we obtain products that are much more resistant, light, and compact than traditional ones.
This characteristic gives the grit the ability to be suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment and to perfectly marry both the ancient and the modern. The sizes available are many but it is possible to create customized sizes on request.


Pastina – Monolayer tiles, slabs and special pieces available in four finishes

The Pastina is a rare and innovative material, characterized by a more uniform surface than the Graniglia, and contrary to the Cementina, it is available in different finishes, and it is also possible to sand it on site after laying. Compact and pure, the Pastina with its infinite range of colors, allows us to fill with warmth and personality both the classic and the most modern spaces.


Cementina – Tiles, slabs and special pieces suitable for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings, but also for restoration works

A perfect mix of marble powders, white cement, natural pigmanets and water, Cementina is a material of timeless beauty, made by us still valuable thanks to the infinite colors and the many sizes available, in fact, in addition to the classic tiles, with this material we realize slabs and complements for bathroom and kitchen furniture.
Cementina is characterized by a satin and extremely velvety surface and unlike Graniglia and Pastina, is not sandable.